All The Stations 2017

What happened in 2017?

During the spring and summer of 2017 we - Vicki Pipe and Geoff Marshall - travelled to ALL the national railway stations in Great Britain, all 2,563 of them. The entire adventure took three and a half months (14 weeks, 6 days and 22 minutes to be precise!) and an array of videos charted our progress around the railway network in England, Wales and Scotland.

We filmed the journey as we went and with the support of an incredible team were able to:

  • Produce four professionally-edited videos each week that documented four separate days of the journey, bringing our followers closer to the experience.
  • Share the journey in real-time using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Live streams, photos and updates kept everyone in touch between the videos.

Geoff and Vicky holding the ATS sign

After the journey was complete, the work didn’t stop there. We produced a feature length documentary of the adventure, giving a behind the scenes insight into our experiences, including additional footage that had never been seen before. We also wrote a book, The Railways Adventures, inspiring other would-be adventurers to get out there and enjoy the country by train.

Whilst our original journey is over, the legacy of All The Stations continues with All The Station Ireland in 2019, and we have continued to make videos around the country (includding visiting the three new stations since we complete 2,563 - taking out total to all 2,566) with the aim to take a fresh look at the railways by focusing on the unique, the surprising and the benefits the network can bring to people across the country.

All The Videos

For those of you who want to enjoy the journey from beginning to end here’s the ultimate list of all the YouTube videos created as part of All The Stations 2017. We’ve grouped them by region, but please note this is not always chronological.

    Videos on the main All The Stations channel Extra Videos on Geoff's personal channel


The South West

London and the South East

East Anglia

The East Midlands

The West Midlands

Thames Valley and Bristol


North West

Yorkshire and the Humber

North East


Feature Length Documentary

Live from Twitter
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You can watch the main series on YouTube, but Geoff will also be posting bonus content on his personal channel.

More bonus videos

We also set up a channel, that recaps all our live content we have brought to you.

More recap videos