To the island!

14 May 2017

Today we managed to transport back in time thanks to a visit to the Isle of Wight railways.

The Island Line service from Ryde St John’s Road through to Shanklin runs on 1938 London Underground tube stock and, needless to say, we were very much looking forward to getting on board.

All The Stations 1938 stock

A hundred miles away from its original home, the old A-stock feels at once familiar and yet somehow new, curious, novel. Perhaps it was the glorious sunshine streaming in through the windows! As always the moquette drew our attention and led us to wonder to its origins. We thought old Victoria or Metropolitan line. Any ideas?

All The Stations Isle of Wight Island Line moquette

Although heritage lines are not part of the All The Stations remit (you can read more about how we are defining ‘stations’ on our About page here), the Isle of Wight Steam Railway was calling us at Smallbrook Junction. And who are we to resist such a call?

All The Stations Isle of Wight Steam Railway

All The Stations Isle of Wight Steam Railway

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