Riding the Rails

Geoff Marshall

Geoff is a freelance video producer making transport films for Londonist and his own YouTube channel. He is a tour guide for Hidden London taking people inside abandoned tube stations, and has twice held the world record for travelling to all Underground stations in the fastest time possible. When not obsessing about the railways, he drinks a lot of tea.

Vicki Pipe

Vicki is a museum education professional by trade, but also an artist and improviser and often finds these three things join together nicely. She has presented in videos for Londonist and on Geoff’s YouTube channel on a range of topics from history to Harry Potter. Her interest in railways lays with the stories of people, social change and how the railways impact on our sense of space and surroundings. If asked what her favourite train stock was, she'd likely say 'Hogwarts Express'.

The Control Room

Lindsey Berthoud

Lindsey's Twitter handle @linzherdscats says it all really. She loves organising and making good things happen, preferably in the company of lovely people and some cats. Her job is provide some commercial and operational support to this epic project. She lives a stone's throw from her beautiful "New Renaissance" style local train station which boasts a pair of Grade II listed buffer lights.

Matthew Frost

Matthew is an independent mobile application developer who created the award-winning App Station Master for iOS. All of his iOS Apps have a transport theme. Previously he worked for one of the first Internet Service Providers in the UK. He is providing e-mail & IT/development support to the project including the "Adopt a Station" website/tool. In his spare time he is a volunteer tour guide for London Transport Museum's "Hidden London" programme.

Ruth Hargreaves

Ruth is a copywriter, habitual helper and general lover of organisation. The daughter of a British Transport Policeman, she grew up with free train travel and once got VERY excited upon discovering there are such things as double decker trains (she finally got to ride one in New York).

Dan Haythorn

Dan is an accomplished video editor, and recently he's worked on everything from full length feature documentary (The Last Man on the Moon) to Kids TV (Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed). He's travelled the Trans-Siberian from London to Bangkok, whilst looking out of the window - the best on-board entertainment ever devised - and with headphones, his own personal soundtrack too!

Will Head

Will is the owner of Fixation Video Ltd. a professional video editing company, and will be the lead editor of All The Stations videos. Wills first memory of a train is travelling to Cheshire every month to visit his grandparents who would then tell him stories of how they preferred steam trains ...

Kai Michael Poppe

Kai is a technical supporter at a software company in Germany. Occasionally he does some website programming and database design which led him to create the All the Stations map. He grew up with the railway nearby and a model-train-world in his house, hence his love for trains.

Ken Hawkins

Growing up in the USA, Ken did not develop the usual American passion for cars and tarmac everywhere, enhanced by several years of living in southern Germany. After collaborating with Geoff back in 2008, Ken's using his information design and web development skills to help with the All the Stations site.

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