Creative Railways

14 Oct 2017

The railway is a source of inspiration not just for journeys but for art, music, horticulture, poetry and prose. We saw so many creative projects as we travelled around the network this summer it seemed inevitable that we would be inspired to try something ourselves.

In September we messaged our Kickstarter backers to ask who would be interested in an experiment to create a human version of the BR double arrow logo we all know and love. Approximately 100 people responded to call.

And it was our backers who once again came to the rescue when the question of a location needed to be answered. Steve, works for Charlton Athletic Football Club and kindly arranged for us the use of the club’s training ground.

Despite engineering works trying to scupper our plans to meet everyone at nearby New Eltham station, we managed to get everyone together on Sunday 8 October.

As well as being a really fun afternoon, it was also wonderful to meet more of the people who made All The Stations happen. Here are a couple of behind the scenes pics that people took of the day.

If anyone has any more, we’d love to see them.

Our thanks go again to Martin for drone footage, and Charlton Athletic for the use of their facilities.

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