07 Oct 2017

During August, whilst Geoff and I were on the All The Stations adventure we challenged you, our followers, to take an adventure of your own. The rules were simple;

  1. Print off our special Have An Adventure sign.
  2. Travel to a station you’ve never been to before.
  3. Take a picture of yourself with the sign at your newly discovered station.
  4. Email us the picture.

We were overwhelmed by the responses. Literally hundreds of you got in touch having travelled far and wide to visit new destinations. We even had entries from those outside the UK who wanted to join in the fun!

Take a look at some of the legend adventurers in our montage video.

Thanks to everyone who took part. We hope you are still feeling inspired to take a random train journey somewhere new, and if you do be sure to let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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You can watch the main series on YouTube, but Geoff will also be posting bonus content on his personal channel.

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We also set up a channel, that recaps all our live content we have brought to you.

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