Calling all Welsh speakers...

01 Jul 2017

Language is a beautiful thing and one of the many joys of travelling around Britain by train is discovering the nuances in local dialects and how these impact on the railways. 

At Bicester Village we heard on-board announcement in Mandarin and Arabic to cater for the volume of international visitors who descend upon this picturesque shopping destination just outside of Oxford. After leaving Ludlow we bumped into Matt, a station designer who spoke of how “access for all” is a key consideration when building new railways and the importance of PA announcements. 

But nowhere has the ‘language’ of railways been so apparent as in Wales this week, our first ‘bi-lingual’ stretch of the journey where the vast majority of all signage is in both English and Welsh. 

Armed with a guide to Welsh station names and pronunciation (thank you, Alex!) we’ve done our best to absorb this beautiful language as much as possible. However, one issue has emerged … 

**How DO you say ‘All The Stations’ in Welsh?! **Watch the dilemma in the video below and if you’re a Welsh speaker do let us know your thoughts!

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