Some Might Say ... we're over 1,000 stations in!

12 Jun 2017

We are now entering week six of the All The Stations journey. This week, we’ll be up in Birmingham, ticking off all the stations in the West Midlands, and after that the journey is going to get harder, as the distance between each station increases. 

We released one of our favourite videos of the series so far today, in which we re-created the cover photo to the Oasis single “Some Might Say”, and even had some special music recorded for it … stay tuned until the very end!

Talking of music, we hope that the All The Stations theme tune will be released on iTunes/Spotify/Deezer and all other platforms this Friday, 16th June. We will of course send out links on all our social media platforms as soon as we have them.

Many thanks,

Geoff & Vicki

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You can watch the main series on YouTube, but Geoff will also be posting bonus content on his personal channel.

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We also set up a channel, that recaps all our live content we have brought to you.

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