One month in!

08 Jun 2017

Hi Everyone,

All The Stations has now been on the rails for one month. In that time we’ve reached 983 stations and have 61% of the total number of stations still to go.

So, how’s it been going? Here’s a quick Vlog from Derby to let you know.

There have been so many highlights already it’s difficult to pick one thing in particular, but we enjoyed the visit to Shippea Hill. In fact it was so good, we made two videos about it.

Bonus Shippea Hill video:

“There’s no one here”:

Our thanks again goes to the team at ATS Mission Control for their never ending support. And to you, for all your tips, comments and encouragement.

To the trains!

Vicki & Geoff

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You can watch the main series on YouTube, but Geoff will also be posting bonus content on his personal channel.

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We also set up a channel, that recaps all our live content we have brought to you.

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