Sounds of the Railways #2

05 Jun 2017

One of the many things this journey is taught us so far, is the beauty and identity of the English coastline.

With Skegness as our destination tonight, we look forward to yet another encounter with a seaside town. The mere idea of them conjures up arcades, promenades, piers, ice cream, fairgrounds and, for many, childhood memories. The reality of them is not much different. Our railways continue to open up these destinations and we’ve received many comments from viewers sharing their own recollections of family holidays and adventures at these seaside destinations.

As Geoff said in Episode 16, overlooking the beach at Essex’s Walton-on-the-Naze: “The Railway Delivery Groups’s marketing campaign is ‘Britain Runs on Rail’. But basically so far it’s been ‘Rails Run To Stunning British Holiday Destinations!

Our love affair with English beaches began in St Ives. Here is an audio recording we made while sat on a bench just by the Tate.

The whole day was almost impossible: the weather, the view, the white sand and blue sea. There was a restaurant just below where we were sat and you can clearly hear the sound of clicking cutlery alongside the waves crashing and children playing on the beach. It genuinely felt like an Enid Blyton novel! the sense of adventure and possibility felt just moments away.

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