Britain's least used station? Not today!

03 Jun 2017

All The Stations - Shippea Hill

Shippea Hill in Cambridgeshire is famously reported to be Britain’s least used station. In 2015/16 it managed to amass a measly 12 passenger entries or exits for the entire year

But all the stations means … ALL the stations. Today, Saturday 3 June, we decided to show Shippea Hill some love and invited friends and family to join us on our journey from the station. People travelled from far and wide to catch a train from this tiny request stop just outside of Ely and altogether 20 people alighted the train. As a request stop, we made sure to ‘make our intent clear’ and flagged down the rather surprised driver. 

Amazingly, three of those people were bonafide passengers who genuinely had turned up of their own accord to catch the train! With a day’s shopping in Norwich planned, they probably weren’t expecting such a gaggle of excited passengers already on the platform! But they quickly joined in the celebrations. Our collective endeavour even made the BBC News website!

Our video of the day will be up on the All The Stations YouTube channel later this week. Do subscribe if you’d like to be notified as soon as it is published. 

In a future blog we will write about Vicki’s new-found family connections to Shippea Hill station, which made the journey extra special. 

Thank you for all your continued support, messages and encouragement. To the trains!

All The Stations - Shippea Hill 2

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