Sounds of the Railways #1

27 May 2017

The first week of All The Stations, we spent some time recording the sounds of the railways. Time permitting, this may be something we continue to sporadically do as the journey continues around Great Britain.

Train travel can be a visceral experience. The feel of the deep rumble of the engine, the ever-changing sights out of the window, the familiar and unfamiliar smells and, of course, the variety of sounds you encounter along the way.

Some of these sounds may be entirely new and unknown. Others nostalgic, habitual, old friends. Already, having travelled through Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex, Kent, Surrey and London, there has been a huge variation. But let us share one of our favourite railway sounds with you here, captured on our very first day in Cornwall.

What sounds do you most associate with the railway? We’d love to know.

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