A first class experience in suburban London

23 May 2017

This week we’re returning to home ground and travelling the suburban lines around London (we will naturally end up visiting all the London termini as we begin to journey farther afield). 

Some people have asked us whether, living in London as we do, catching trains around the capital feels rather dull and ordinary in comparison to the other locations we’ve been to. The answer is a very simple: no! As Vicki mentioned in a recent Facebook Live video from Haydons Road, it does feel a little strange being on home turf but while we may be looking at familiar stations, we are doing so with an entirely new perspective. 

All The Stations first class

There are also the added benefits of being able to go home at the end of the day (fresh clothes! home-cooked food! reliable internet!), and being more familiar with the lines we know certain tips and tricks. 

As we mentioned in our episode 10 video on YouTube, certain inner London suburban services are advertised as standard class only, which means that if there are first class carriages on board, standard ticket holders are allowed to pull up a slightly more spacious pew! If you’re still not sure, check your timetables. If there is a small ‘1’ in a box at the top of the column, that means it is a first class service. If there isn’t, then it isn’t!

London comes with a lot of history. Keep watching for stories on London’s first terminus and the Brunel tunnel, there’s plenty more to come. 

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