The most similar station names ...

20 May 2017

Earlier today, Warren Pilkington set us a challenge on Twitter:

All The Stations twitter challenge

A great question indeed. Not ones to shy away from such a brain-pickling train question we immediately accepted the challenge and … opened it up to our Twitter followers. Warren stated that they had to be different names, so no Gillingham/Gillingham or Berwick/Berwick. 

Within minutes, our clever clog followers had a variety of suggestions. Honourable mentions go to Tilbury/Tisbury (7 letters away), Rye/Wye (5 letters away) and How Wood/Howwood (just a space!).

Below are three pairings which only differ by one letter and a single alphabetical place. If you want to spend the rest of the day agonising over it yourself then we recommend you stop reading …… NOW:




Let us know if you think of any others!

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